IVR/Alert System

Build IVR, telephony, alert, and other voice solutions using the versatile text-to-speech (TTS) Server and SDK.


Integrate high-quality voices into your multimedia applications using NeoSpeech TTS engines.

Voice cloud service

Deploy speech-enabled Web sites, services or applications via the NeoSpeech hosted online TTS solution.


Create TTS apps for your embedded and mobile devices, such as iOS, Android and Embedded Linux, using NeoSpeech SDKs.



Welcome to NeoSpeech

Experience our world-class, natural-sounding, text-to-speech (TTS) software programs today. Empower your applications with advanced TTS software using VoiceTextTM. Robotic voices are now history!

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Sample Audio
Listen to:
Julie's voice, Kate's voice, Paul's voice, Bridget's voice,
(NEW) English Male James' voice
(NEW) English Female Ashley's voice
(NEW) British English Male Hugh's voice
(NEW) Canadian French Female Chloe's voice
(NEW) Mexican Spanish Male Francisco's voice



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