VoiceText™ Text-To-Speech Engine and SDK



VoiceText™ Text-To-Speech Engine is the core TTS software component that generates synthesized speech from a given input text. VoiceText™ Text-To-Speech Engine can be used for building custom stand-alone applications such as AAC (Augmented and Alternative Communication) devices, gaming software, automated loud speaker / paging system, and educational software etc. it can also be used simply to output speech from an input text using the provided desktop TTS program.




Natural Sound and Clear Pronunciation

VoiceText™ Text-To-Speech Engine provides very natural and highly intelligible output.


Variable Footprints

With variable footprints ranging from 16 to over 700 megabytes, VoiceText™ is configurable for use in a wide range of desktop applications.


Multiple Languages, Multiple Voices

VoiceText™ is available as US English, UK English, Latin American Spanish, Canadian French, Korean, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. A collection of eleven native voices is available across these languages. We constantly develop new languages and voices every year.


Large Extensible Dictionary

Millions of pronunciations are included in the default dictionary of each of the supported languages. VoiceText™ supports customization of the dictionary so that developers can adjust pronunciations, abbreviations, and new terms as needed.


Expressive Control

Pitch, speed, volume, and pauses can be customized, both dynamically and by global setting. VoiceText Markup Language (VTML) is provided for inline local customization.


Pre-Processing of Input Text

VoiceText™ automatically handles special input such as dates, times, abbreviations found in addresses, and sentences with mixed languages.


Flexible Data Output Formats

VoiceText™ Text-To-Speech Engine currently supports the following formats in 8 kHz, 11 kHz, and 16 kHz sampling rates. (44kHz on selected voices)

• 16-bit linear PCM

• 8-bit A-law PCM

• 8-bit Mu-law PCM

• 4-bit Dialogic ADPCM

• 16-bit linear PCM Wave

• 8-bit unsigned linear PCM Wave

• 8-bit A-law PCM Wave

• 8-bit Mu-law PCM Wave

Phonetic alphabets: IPA, X-Sampa, TeleAtlas Sampa, Navteq Sampa, X-Sapi, X-CMU, X-PENTAX, X-PINYIN, X-WORLDBET


Supporting APIs

VoiceText™ engine SDK supports C-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).



Operating System Windows 98 or higher.
Linux RHEL 5 or higher, Fedora and Cent OS.
CPU Pentium III 500 MHz
RAM 128 MB (256 MB Recommended)
Database space 64 MB ~ 900 MB per voice.



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