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How do I get a VoiceText license file using a license key? Where do I place the generated license file?

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### LICENSE RETRIEVAL (OPTION 1: From licensing website) ###
1.    Go to
2.    Enter your license key and click Get License.
3.    Review the license information and click Next.
4.    Enter the MAC address ("Physical Address") of your system's network interface card (NIC) where the TTS engine/server is installed.
Enter the 12-digit hexadecimal code (numbers/characters) with no spaces (dashes '-' and colons ':' between characters are acceptable). Click Receive License.

 [ How to look up system's MAC address ]
    Option 1:
        Windows: C:\>ipconfig /all ("Physical Address")
        Linux/ Mac OS X: /sbin/ifconfig

    Option 2 (Windows only):
        Download and run the utility in OPTION 2.

### LICENSE RETRIEVAL (OPTION 2: Use desktop utility, Windows only) ###
1. Download to your desktop.
2. Extract it and run the utility.
3. Enter the license key.
4. By default, the verification.txt file will be created in the same folder the utility is in. Use the Browse... button to change where the file is saved if desired.
5. Click OK to get the verification.txt file.

Put the license file “verification.txt” in the appropriate “verify” directory.

- VoiceText(TM) Desktop for Windows:
C:\Program Files\VW\VT\Kate\M16\data-common\verify\

- VoiceText(TM) SAPI5.1 for Windows:
C:\Program Files\VW\VT\Kate\M16-SAPI5\data-common\verify\

- VoiceText(TM) Server for Windows:

- VoiceText(TM) Server for Linux:

- VoiceText(TM) TTS Engine for Mac OS X:

NOTE: For Linux users, make sure to add the TTS engine paths with the corresponding Speaker IDs at the bottom of the license file.

E.g. If Kate and Paul are installed...