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How do I interpret the error code (return value) from the VoiceText(TM) Server?

Tag VoiceText™ Server

[0] TTS_RESULT_CONTINUE Successful return, continuing
[1] TTS_RESULT_SUCCESS Successful return.
[-1] TTS_HOSTNAME_ERROR Invalid IP address was used.
[-2] TTS_SOCKET_ERROR Socket used by the server returns an error.
[-3] TTS_CONNECT_ERROR 1.TTS Service is not running.
2. Incorrect IP address parameter is used in the request.
3. IP address is blocked.
4. Network is unstable.
[-4] TTS_READWRITE_ERROR 1. Inadequate file/directory permission.
2. Low disk space.
3. Faulty hard drive.
4. Connection to the server has timed out.
5. May try to change parameter of the SocketTimeOut flag under the ttssrv.ini configuration file to 300.
[-5] TTS_MEMORY_ERROR Cannot allocate system memory anymore or etc.
[-6] TTS_TEXT_ERROR Text size argument passed to the method is greater than the actual text size.
Input text length is less than or equal to 0.
[-7] TTS_VOICEFORMAT_ERROR Voice format is invalid or unsupported.
[-8] TTS_PARAM_ERROR Invalid values are assigned to file name or save directory.
[-9] TTS_RESULT_ERROR Error during the speech synthesis. Check the log file.
[-10] TTS_SPEAKER_ERROR 1. The voice (speaker) is not installed.
2. License is expired.
3. License does not allow the specified speaker.
4. Speaker ID is incorrect.
5. Speaker is not enabled in the ttssrv.ini configuration file.
[-11] TTS_DISK_ERROR Error with the hard drive
[-13] TTS_SSML_ERROR SSML tag is incorrect; thus, unable read SSML tag enabled text
Text size argument passed to the method is less than the actual text size.
[-14] TTS_ENC_ERROR Encryption or Decryption error occurs when using encryption technology
[-15] TTS_ABNORMAL_ERROR Incorrect usage of VoiceText™ server protocol.
[-100] TTS_MAX_ERROR Permitted number of channels is lower than assigned number of channels in the ttssrv.ini configuration file and of license key.