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I get "not exist/etc/inetd.conf or /etc/xinetd.conf" when installing VoiceText TTS Server. What do I do?

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In order to use the web admin control of VoiceText(TM) Server on Linux, the internet service daemon inetd must exist and be running. Check the following:

1. /etc/inetd.conf must exist (to install inetd: yum install xinetd)
2. /etc/inetd.conf must be writable
3. /etc/inetd.d directory must exist
4. inetd must be running: ps -ef | grep inetd
5. inetd must be listening: netstat -anp | grep xinetd

If you do not need the web admin control for VoiceText(TM) Server, you may exclude this portion by using the "-n" option when installing the server.

e.g. vtserver39_setup.bin –n