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The TTS Server plays a demo notification even with my purchased license in place. What do I do?

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There can be a few reasons why VoiceText(TM) Server plays a demo notification. Check the following:

1. Restart the server once the license is put in place or has been changed.

2. Make sure the license file name is "verification.txt" without any typos.

3. Make sure that there are no line breaks in the license string in verification.txt. It should be a single line.

4. Make sure the license file is in the "verify" directory under the correct installation path.
- e.g. C:\VW\VTSvc\verify

5. Make sure the MAC address of the system's NIC matches the MAC address listed in the license file.
- To find out the MAC address of the system, run "ipconfig /all" from a command prompt and look for "Physical Address".
- Make sure the MAC address is tied to an IP address.
- Only the hexadecimal number needs to match (ignore dashes).

6. Make sure the TTS version matches with the license version number.
- To find out the version number of VoiceText(TM) Server, Go to Start->Programs and look for VT Service x.x.