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VoiceText Server does not start or get activated. What do I do?

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VoiceText(TM) Server does not start when:

1. License file is not placed under the following directory:
- Windows: C:\VW\VTSvc\verify\
- Linux: /usr/vt/verify/

2. The "ttssrv.ini" file is not properly configured. Installed engine (voice) flag argument must be "1" while uninstalled engine flag argument is "0."

- Windows: C:\ttssrv.ini
- Linux: /etc/ttssrv.ini

E.g. If only Kate and Paul are installed, all other {TTSname}Select should be set to 0 except Kate and Paul, which should be set to 1.

YumiSelect    0    ; Yumi DB Select
KateSelect    1    ; Kate DB Select
PaulSelect    1    ; Paul DB Select


3. The MAC address of the system's Network Interface Card (NIC) does not match the MAC address registered to your license file. 
To find out the MAC address of the system...
- Windows: Run "ipconfig /all" from command prompt.
- Linux: Run "/sbin/ifconfig" from command prompt.

4. For Linux, make sure the path info is at the bottom of the license file. 
E.g. If Paul is installed...

5. For Linux, make sure that the MAC address being used is tied to an IP address.