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Text-to-Speech Integrates with Data Mining and Direct Marketing Systems for Highly Effective Automated Outbound Communication

Fremont, CA - November 18, 2003 - NeoSpeech, a provider of speech technologies for hand-held, desktop and network applications, today announced that Cima Systems has selected NeoSpeech's Text-to-Speech product, VoiceText™, to power its advanced phone system for auto dealers. Cima Systems' interactive communications software combines automated data mining with voice and email messaging to automate communication with customers via phone and the Web. VoiceText automates the phone component, enabling dealerships to effortlessly send outbound calls to customers based on appointments made, services scheduled or promotions launched.

"By dynamically generating customer names and other specific information, NeoSpeech's VoiceText helps differentiate Cima's product," said Cima Systems CEO Gary Nixon. "Dealerships can now deliver highly personalized reminders, notifications and messages to their customer base by phone, email or text messages. By providing this level of automated, intelligent communications, Cima helps dealerships increase customer contact, customer satisfaction and sales, while drastically lowering overhead and expenses."

Cima combines interactive technology with scheduling, marketing, client survey and communications applications, making it the most comprehensive software of its type. The system proactively mines an auto dealership's dealer management system (DMS) for relevant customer, contact and sales/service information such as recall notices, service appointments and lease terminations on a daily basis. Cima then automatically creates service or marketing messages, converting data elements into speech or personalized emails. It sends these customized, targeted sales or service promotions online, over the phone or via e-mail, on the days and times the dealer sets. Dealership customers can schedule or cancel appointments any time, day or night, by phone or the web. If a customer does cancel an appointment without rescheduling, the system automatically contacts them by phone to reschedule for another day.

"By using Cima's automated system, we are able to reach twice as many customers a day for a fraction of the price," said Brian Keegan, Director of Service and Parts at San Leandro Honda. "Cima frees our time spent on administrative phone items, so that we can spend more time with customers. Yet, outbound calls feature the real voice of sales and service managers, enabling us to maintain a personal touch by ensuring that every customer gets 'personally' contacted by the sales or service manager."

"Cima's interactive customer communication and relationship management applications enable auto dealers to get the right message to the right people at the right time," said Yoon Kim, NeoSpeech CEO. "By incorporating NeoSpeech's Text-to-Speech technology into Cima's solution, we enable dealerships to affordably deliver highly personalized communications that improve their customer relations and drive sales."

About NeoSpeech
NeoSpeech, Inc. is a leading provider of speech-enabled solutions based on a suite of best-of-breed core capabilities in speech recognition, speech synthesis, speaker verification, and voice animation. The company offers flexible, innovative products for the mobile, enterprise, entertainment and education markets. The privately-held company, headquartered in Fremont, California, is backed by Voiceware Co., Ltd. of Korea. Visit for more information on NeoSpeech products, solutions and services.

About NeoSpeech's VoiceText
VoiceText generates natural-sounding voices from text input and offers the same Text-to-Speech solution across hand-held, desktop, laptop and network applications, while supporting a broad range of industry standard operating systems. Available in several languages, VoiceText can process any size or type of text, in applications ranging from telephone access to information or personal e-mail, to reading complete news stories, delivering the highest level of accuracy and quality

About Cima Systems
Cima Systems provides interactive automated marketing and customer service solutions to the automotive market. Their comprehensive software solutions enable dealers and automotive service businesses to communicate with prospects and clients throughout the client lifecycle. Cima's automated, real-time, communications-management solutions provide immediate 24/7 customer feedback to front - and back- end marketing campaigns, resulting in higher sales, increased client interaction and lower overhead.

For more information on Cima or its products please contact Lynette Hoeft at 925-931-0929 x226 or visit

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