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Introducing Leo: NeoSpeech’s New Male French Canadian Voice

NeoSpeech Inc., a leading Text-to-Speech provider, has released a new high quality Canadian French voice, Leo. Leo is NeoSpeech’s first male Canadian French voice. He joins Chloe to give consumers a male and female Canadian French option for high quality synthesized speech.

Leo has a beautifully smooth voice with all the allure of a Canadian French accent. His speech is clear and precise with appropriate intonations and has an ideal balance of a friendly and professional tone. This combination makes him perfect for IVR, GPS, mobile apps or personal use.

Leo can handle any text, long or short, with ease and can turn your text into excellent sounding audio in a matter of seconds. Leo comes with a comprehensive customizable dictionary that enables you to customize the way he says certain words or phrases, allowing you to add industry-specific jargon or slang to your audio.

Click HERE to listen to Leo’s voice for yourself.

Leo and Chloe are both USS (Unit Selection Synthesis) based voices; a technique which is widely known for producing the highest quality synthesized voices. After a year of hard work, NeoSpeech’s speech engineers are proud to be able to offer some of the highest quality Canadian French voices available on the market.

“The quality of Leo’s voice is well worth the extensive effort our team has put in. We cannot wait to hear Leo’s voice making a difference to consumers’ lives” says Devin Lee, the CEO of NeoSpeech Inc. “Leo is a great addition to the NeoSpeech family, providing a male French option for our users, which we have never done before.”

NeoSpeech’s website allows you to type any text into their Text-to-Speech engine and hear the audio output for free for non-commercial use. So, if you would like to hear Leo or Chloe say anything you want, visit For commercial use, please contact our friendly sales team at So, if you would like to hear Leo or Chloe say anything you want, visit

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