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OSSI to Incorporate NeoSpeech's Text-to-Speech Product To Enhance Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical Service Agencies' Safety and Convenience While in the Field

Fremont, CA - June 2, 2003 - NeoSpeech, a provider of speech technologies for hand-held, desktop and network/server applications, today announced that Open Software Solutions, Inc. (OSSI) has selected NeoSpeech's flagship Text-to-Speech product, VoiceText™ for incorporation into its Mobile Computing application (MCT). OSSI is a leading provider of public safety software and currently provides over 200 law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services (EMS) agencies in the United States with a broad range of mission-critical business applications. With its decision to incorporate NeoSpeech's VoiceText product into its Mobile technology, OSSI demonstrates its ongoing commitment to support the emerging needs of public safety agencies. OSSI's decision also strengthens its competitive advantage and leadership in the market.

"OSSI is looking forward to our partnership with NeoSpeech. We are confident that VoiceText will deliver major benefits to OSSI's Mobile technology," said JA Savage, president of OSSI.

NeoSpeech's VoiceText is the only product of its kind to offer the same high quality voices across all different footprints and across all major platforms. VoiceText generates natural-sounding voices from text input and offers the same text-to-speech (TTS) solution across hand-held, desktop, laptop and network/server applications, while supporting a broad range of industry standard operating systems. Available in several languages, VoiceText can process any size or type of text, from virtually any source, including OSSI's Mobile application, which processes names and addresses; a particular challenge for any TTS engine.

OSSI sought to enhance its baseline voice capabilities with a robust, best-of-breed solution that would enhance its MCT application with a more sophisticated level of voice-based capabilities. The company wanted the new system to accurately recognize and clearly communicate critical information to law enforcement officers, ensuring that the information relayed did not impede their understanding. Over a 3-6 month period, OSSI carefully evaluated half a dozen speech technology vendors before ultimately choosing NeoSpeech's VoiceText. OSSI was impressed with VoiceText's advanced speech recognition, pronunciation and clarity and support of the Microsoft platform.

Stated Lin Chase, CEO of NeoSpeech, "We're thrilled that OSSI selected NeoSpeech as the speech technology vendor of voice for incorporating into its highly-regarded Mobile Computing application. Their selection of VoiceText underscores our product's superior voice clarity and configurability. We look forward to working with OSSI to help them advance their use of speech technology to more effectively meet the needs of their customers."

Thousands of EMS and Law Enforcement to Benefit with Enhanced Safety
OSSI's MCT application equips over 50 emergency medical service and law enforcement agencies with technology to improve their safety and efficiency in the field. Once VoiceText is deployed, OSSI will have an improved way of supporting officers' information requests made from their in-car laptops.
Now, information relayed back to responding units will be done via voice technology. Critical data provided to in-field personnel will include address and cross streets, vehicle registration, or outstanding warrant checks. OSSI's unique offering provides its customers several important benefits. Because in-field personnel are able to minimize their distraction of having to read information displayed on a laptop, they are able to receive information about their calls in a safer, more convenient fashion - while the responding unit is in motion. This allows the officer to focus on driving and be more alert and responsive as they arrive on the scene. Agencies' resources will also be maximized, as the radio traffic volume is redirected to the automated in-vehicle systems.

OSSI Background Information
Open Software Solutions, Inc. (OSSI), headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, is a leading provider of public safety software for Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Medical Services in the United States. OSSI provides a fully integrated suite of public safety products, including computer Aided Dispatch, Law Enforcement Records Management Systems (RMS), Fire EMS RMS, Jail Management, and Mobile Field reporting. In 2002, OSSI was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing, privately held corporations in the United States. For more information, visit OSSI's website at

About NeoSpeech
NeoSpeech, Inc. is a leading provider of speech-enabled solutions based on a suite of best-of-breed core capabilities in speech recognition, speech synthesis, speaker verification, and voice animation. The company offers flexible, innovative products for the mobile, enterprise, entertainment and education markets. The privately held company, headquartered in Fremont, California, is backed by Voiceware Co., Ltd of Korea. Visit for more information on NeoSpeech products, solutions and services.

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