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NeoSpeech launches new TTS Cloud Service for Text-to-Speech Technology Online

NeoSpeech Inc. has launched its TTS Cloud Service – a faster, more efficient way to access text-to-speech (TTS) software online. NeoSpeech’s TTS Cloud Service allows users to gain real time access to TTS technology anywhere and anytime, bringing a new realm of accessibility to TTS users worldwide.

The TTS Cloud Service is made up of two categories – On Demand, an online TTS platform for end users, and Web Service, an online TTS server that web developers can utilize to build custom websites with state-of-the-art TTS software.

Both TTS On-Demand and Web Services provide users with unlimited access to a full array of NeoSpeech’s voices in 15 accents and 7 languages, including US English, UK English, Mexican Spanish, Canadian French, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. The range of applications for NeoSpeech’s TTS Cloud Service is endless – audio publishing, education, healthcare and telecommunications, to name a few.

TTS On-Demand is designed for users who want to create excellent audio files by simply typing text into NeoSpeech’s website and pressing a button. Not only is this simple to use, but also it makes it easy to get text-to-speech solutions from anywhere, whether you’re on your laptop, phone or desktop computer.

“We are excited about launching these new TTS solutions” Devin Lee, the interim CEO of NeoSpeech says. “By eliminating the need to install software, the TTS Cloud Service provides universal access to high quality, human-like voices without any hassle so that everyone can utilize TTS technology easily and quickly.”

This is also true of NeoSpeech’s Web Services, the other new online TTS solution NeoSpeech has developed.  This is a SOAP and REST capable, hosted Text-To-Speech solution designed for web developers who want to integrate TTS technology into their website. By hosting this service online, NeoSpeech has removed the need for developers to have access to their own storage and hardware, significantly lowering costs.

Web Service’s asynchronous architecture allows it to handle traffic spikes to ensure consistent performance while the use of industry-standard SSL encryption protects the confidentiality and security of all audio transmissions.

The Web Service also includes NeoSpeech’s customizable dictionary. This allows developers to change the pronunciation, speech and pitch of words using Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML). This means that users can ensure that every name, street or greeting is said exactly how they want it to be said, every time.

There are a range of applications for NeoSpeech’s TTS Cloud Service, including audio publishing, education, entertainment, announcement systems and telecommunications, to name a few. Whether you are looking to publish your niche podcast with a professional voice or wanting to provide quick and easy access to information through telephony systems, take a look at NeoSpeech’s TTS Cloud Services.

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