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Company's VoiceTextTM Text-to-Speech Engine Chosen by Leading Companies in the Multimedia, Telephony and Reseller Markets

Fremont, CA - September 30, 2003 - NeoSpeech, a provider of speech technologies for hand-held, desktop and network/server applications, today announced the success of its first year of operation. NeoSpeech's flagship product, VoiceText™, has made the company into one of the fastest-growing core speech technology providers in the industry. Since its incorporation in August of 2002, NeoSpeech has become a supplier to leading companies in the multimedia, telephony and reseller sectors. These customers and partners produce voice applications ranging from Intelligent Voice Response (IVR) systems and outbound notifications to educational software and home and enterprise automation systems. For a first-hand demonstration of NeoSpeech's TTS product, as well as its other core technologies and applications visit booth # 310 at SpeechTEK today through October 2 at the New York Marriott Marquis, or visit NeoSpeech online at

"What NeoSpeech brings to the table is an absolutely superior Text-to-Speech engine," said A.J. Dibianca, President of PhoneTree Inc. "VoiceText is very flexible and, above all, extremely realistic and human sounding. It's the first product that I've seen that truly blurs the distinction between a computer and human voice."

"NeoSpeech has excelled at building crisp, life-like, accurate TTS technology," said Nancy Jamison, Principal analyst at Jamison Consulting. "Not only does their technology meet the highest standards for realism, it is able to run on a wide range of devices and platforms, including handhelds, the desktop and network servers, making it one of the more flexible speech technology solutions available today."

NeoSpeech is successfully serving customers in the multi-media, telephony and reseller markets. Samples of customer segments and success stories include:

· Multimedia PC

NeoSpeech has seen a great deal of customer demand for TTS in the education and disability sectors. In the education environment, TTS enables instructors to easily bring current material, such as text found on the Internet, into the curriculum. TTS provides a critical alternative to human recordings and Braille for the disabled, enabling the blind and visually impaired to access and read almost any printed or electronic material.

· Medical Learning Company: uses VoiceText in its interactive patient simulator, SynPatient, to simulate medically credible doctor-patient encounters in which the user plays the role of the doctor, and the system simulates the patient responses. NeoSpeech's life-like TTS engine makes the simulator more realistic and engaging, improving physicians' understanding and learning.

· ODU Center for Advanced Engineering Environments: uses VoiceText in a breakthrough learning environment sponsored by NASA for science and engineering workforce and students. NeoSpeech's VoiceText will advance the program's perceptual user interface, which couples natural voice and emotional interfaces, significantly enhancing the learning process.

· Kurzweil Educational: chose VoiceText for Kurzweil 1000 because of the high quality and natural sounding male and female voices, providing individuals who are blind or have visual impairments the optimal choice for enhancing their reading experience.

· 2112: uses VoiceText for its CD-ROM and Web-based multimedia application, 18interactive, that enables golfers to get a narrated virtual tour of a golf resort and its amenities from the comfort of their home or office.


Customers in the Intelligent Voice Response (IVR) and Outbound Notification segments have realized significant cost-savings and enhanced customer service through TTS technology. In the call center realm, NeoSpeech's high quality TTS enables companies to replace live agents with self-service technology for routine inquiries. Many customers have also leveraged TTS to provide detailed, dynamic outbound notifications to their customers. Today's TTS can send an automatically-generated personalized message to an arbitrary user with exact information, such as the time and place of our doctor's appointment.

· ATA Retail Services: uses VoiceText for advanced workforce automation system, enabling more than 800 field merchandising personnel to enter orders and check shipping status by phone through a voice-automated system.

· PhoneTree: adopted VoiceText to bring personalization into its outbound notification products, differentiating itself from other companies that provide impersonal "voice blast" capabilities, and making on-the-fly messages through a web interface possible.

"We are delighted to be working with companies that are on the leading-edge of their industries," said Yoon Kim, CEO of NeoSpeech. "These companies know the substantial benefits that top-notch speech technology offers, and their deployments are evidence that Text-to-Speech and other core speech technologies have come of age. We look forward to long partnerships and many exciting deployments with our partners and customers."

About VoiceText™

NeoSpeech's VoiceText™ is the only product of its kind to offer the same high quality voices across all different footprints and across all major platforms. VoiceText generates natural-sounding voices from text input and offers the same Text-to-Speech solution across hand-held, desktop, laptop and network/server applications, while supporting a broad range of industry standard operating systems. Available in several languages, VoiceText can process any size or type of text, in applications ranging from telephone access to information or personal e-mail, to reading complete news stories, delivering the highest level of accuracy and quality.

About NeoSpeech

NeoSpeech, Inc. is a leading provider of speech-enabled solutions based on a suite of best-of-breed core capabilities in speech synthesis, speech recognition, speaker verification, and voice animation. The company offers flexible, innovative products for the mobile, enterprise, entertainment and education markets. The privately-held company, headquartered in Fremont, California, is backed by Voiceware Co., Ltd. of Korea. Visit for more information on NeoSpeech products, solutions and services.

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