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NeoSpeech Releases Revamped VoiceText Text-to-Speech

NeoSpeech, a provider of text-to-speech (TTS) software and speech-enabled solutions, has released an upgraded text-to-speech engine, VoiceText Editor.

With NeoSpeech VoiceText Editor, users can integrate high-quality voices into multimedia applications. VoiceText Editor is PC-based TTS software that generates voice audio files in WAV format. The VoiceText TTS Engine, the core software component that generates synthesized voice from a given input text, essentially turns text into voice.

VoiceText TTS Engine can be used to build custom, stand-alone TTS applications such as Augmented and Alternative Communication devices, gaming software, automated loudspeaker or paging systems, and educational software. It also can be used simply to output a voice from an input text using a provided desktop TTS program.

VoiceText TTS Engine currently supports the following formats in 8KHz, 11KHz, and 16KHz sampling rates (44KHz on selected voices): 16bit linear PCM,  8bit A-law PCM, 8bit Mu-law PCM, 4bit Dialogic ADPCM, 16bit linear PCM Wave, 8bit unsigned linear PCM Wave, 8bit A-law PCM Wave, 8bit Mu-law PCM Wave. VoiceText TTS Engine and SDK also support C APIs.