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NeoSpeech releases VoiceAlarm, the alarm clock app that talks to you

NeoSpeech Inc., a leading provider of text-to-speech technology, has released yet another text-to-speech app. VoiceAlarm is a free app that uses NeoSpeech’s voices to speak whenever the alarm goes off.

VoiceAlarm features an easy-to-use interface. Users can set the time they want their alarm to go off and type in the message they wish to hear in a matter of seconds. The customizable text-to-speech feature makes VoiceAlarm more personalized than a traditional alarm app when waking people up or giving reminders.

“People can motivate themselves to wake up earlier with inspiring messages, or remember to complete tasks with detailed reminders,” said NeoSpeech CEO Devin Lee. “We’re proud to release another app giving access to our voices for free and seeing how they can help people.”

With custom messages, users will be able to listen to exactly the right message at the right time. James and Kate, two of NeoSpeech’s highest-rated US English voices, are available to use in the app. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices using iOS 9.3 or later. VoiceAlarm is available for download from the iTunes store.

VoiceAlarm follows the releases of other NeoSpeech apps including SpokesPerson, an app that gives a voice to those who might not have one by using text-to-speech, and NewsSpeak, an app that uses text-to-speech to read aloud news stories that users are interested in.

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NeoSpeech Inc. specializes in high quality text-to-speech solutions for a range of embedded, mobile, desktop and server applications. With over 30 voices in 8 different languages, including English (US and UK), Canadian French, Mexican Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taiwanese, NeoSpeech’s voices are ideal for use in e-learning, transportation systems, mobile apps, entertainment systems and more.

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