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New Features in eClipseReader version 2.0

New Features in eClipseReader version 2.0

Some exciting features have been added to eClipseReader version 2.0. eClipseReader now reads any ASCII text with its new built-in screen reader and conveniently turn text notes into topical outlines.

Over a year ago, IRTI released the eClipseReader software for reading and studying DAISY books on a PC. It has been extremely well received by schools and individuals alike. The multi-user features really enhance its usefulness in schools.

Some exciting features have been added to eClipseReader version 2.0. eClipseReader now reads any ASCII text with its new built-in screen reader and conveniently turn text notes into topical outlines.

Many common file formats can easily be converted and saved to a text format using popular word processors. Then read and study them with eClipseReader. These formats would include emails, Web pages, HTML files, XML files, Word documents and much more. Powerful new study tools have also been incorporated.

Here are the new enhancements in eClipseReader 2.0.

New Text Reading and note taking: Open any ASCII text document and review it with eClipseReader built-in Screen Reader. Navigate Text via Hot-key or on-screen graphic control buttons. Navigate by Word, Line, Paragraph and Screen.

Text Search: Search a text document for a Word or Phrase.

Spell Word feature: Spell any word using hot-key or graphic button.

Where am I feature: Gives your reading position in a text document by announcing current line number out of the total number of lines.

Add any Text Document Title to the Books Library: Just as with Daisy books, text documents may be added to your library list. Text Documents are automatically added after entering a Bookmark. Library entries are displayed by title of book or document and linked to the locations of books and text documents on your local hard drive or mapped network drive.

Automatic Bookmark: eClipseReader automatically recalls your last reading position each time you open a DAISY book or text document.

Bookmarks and Text Notes: You can set multiple bookmarks in a text document just as in Daisy talking books. The bookmarks are automatically labeled by number or give them your own title. Each bookmark may also contain your personalized text notes.

Automatic Outline feature: With the simple press of a button, your bookmarks and text notes can now be reviewed anytime with eClipseReader''s built-in screen reader. eClipseReader will automatically convert your bookmarks and text notes into a text document presented in outline form. The outline includes the bookmark number or title and your text notes associated with each one. We already have teachers planning to use this feature for student test taking. In this case, the test would be the text document and the student will easily be able to enter answers as text notes. Just the notes may be exported or printed for review by the teacher.

Export Bookmarks and Text Notes to Note Pad: With a single hot-key or press of a button you can automatically export your bookmarks and notes to MS Note Pad. Then save it, print it, or edit it with your favorite word processor or Braille translator. This is a great way to start an outline for a book report or term paper. Or use it to collect all your notes to study for an exam.

These new eClipseReader note taking tools really improves the efficiency of studying Daisy Books and text documents and promotes good study skills. eClipseReader''s structured approach to note taking will help you be a better-organized student or professional.

eClipseReader 2.0-Plus includes a NeoSpeech License for VoiceText Kate and Paul US English SAPI 5.1. These voice are a major enhancement to the new note taking and text reading features of eClipseReader V2. Because the voices are SAPI 5.1 they can be used by other applications on the computer that support SAPI 5.1 such as JAWS.

Source: IRTI NewsClips The newsletter of Innovative Rehabilitation Technology Inc., May 2004, Volume 3, Number 2

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