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VoiceText’s Capabilities to Deliver Vanguard Healthcare Technology Company With
Enhanced User Experience and Learning

Fremont, CA – June 2, 2003 – NeoSpeech, a provider of speech technologies for hand-held, desktop and network/server applications, today announced that the Medical Learning Company (MLC) has selected its Text-to-Speech product, VoiceText™, for its SynPatient patient simulator. MLC is a healthcare information technology pioneer, providing products and services to enhance learning in the medical industry. MLC’s selection of VoiceText advances the realism, interactivity, and effectiveness of their cornerstone product.

“By selecting VoiceText, The Medical Learning Company highlighted the importance of natural-sounding, quality Text-to-Speech in their customers’ learning experience,” stated Lin Chase, CEO of NeoSpeech.

MLC has developed the SynPatient, a patent pending proprietary program that is a unique, dynamic and interactive patient simulator, which in its most advanced iteration can generate an unlimited number of virtual patients based on detailed models contained in a medical knowledge base. SynPatient provides realistic evolution, flexible control over the simulated passage of time, real-time image morphing, and continuous voice interaction in a rich multimedia environment featuring images, sounds, video, and voice. To further develop SynPatient’s capabilities, the company is working to enhance SynPatient’s text-to-text responses with human-like, verbal answers to physicians’ diagnostic queries. NeoSpeech’s VoiceText makes SynPatient more realistic and engaging, improving physicians’ understanding and learning.

“We needed a speech engine that could deliver life-like voices capable of expressing human emotions. After an extensive evaluation process that involved testing a broad range of speech engines, NeoSpeech’s product stood alone. Additionally, their flexibility and cooperation demonstrated that NeoSpeech would be the ideal partner who could successfully collaborate with us and support our long-term needs,” said Todd Graham, Vice President of Marketing for MLC.

NeoSpeech’s VoiceText is the only product of its kind to offer the same high quality voices across all different footprints and across all major platforms. VoiceText generates natural-sounding voices from text input and offers the same text-to-speech solution across hand-held, desktop, laptop and network/server applications, while supporting a broad range of industry standard operating systems. Available in several languages, VoiceText can process any size or type of text, from reading test questions to complete news stories to personal e-mail, delivering the highest level of accuracy and quality.

About The Medical Learning Company
The mission of the Medical Learning Company is to utilize advanced proprietary software and integrated solutions to enhance the delivery of medical knowledge for education, training, and testing to help facilitate the highest quality of medical care.

The Medical Learning Company was originally founded as a joint venture between the American Board of Family Practice (ABFP) and Kurzweil Technologies, Inc. (KTI). The ABFP is the second largest medical specialty board in the United States, and serves as the certifying agency for the family practice specialty. KTI is a leading global developer of advanced software technologies and was founded by Ray Kurzweil, recognized throughout the world for many technological firsts. These include the leading speech recognition system for creating medical reports, the first omni-font Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the first print-to-speech reading machine for the blind, the first computer music synthesizer that could realistically recreate the sounds of acoustic instruments, and the first commercially marketed large vocabulary speech recognition software.

About NeoSpeech
NeoSpeech, Inc. is a leading provider of speech-enabled solutions based on a suite of best-of-breed core capabilities in speech recognition, speech synthesis, speaker verification, and voice animation. The company offers flexible, innovative products for the mobile, enterprise, entertainment and education markets. The privately held company, headquartered in Fremont, California, is backed by Voiceware Co., Ltd of Korea. Visit for more information on NeoSpeech products, solutions and services.

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